Lasting savings

Poly solar PV panels placed in horizontal landscape orientation on a flat roof

Our residential customers love to help the environment, and a big part of this is installing products from trusted names that last the distance, and that are made in factories with sound environmental practices. Of course, this also creates a reliable financial return over the long term.

There’s a big range of Greenforce Home PV Systems to suit everybody. Currently, the feed-in tariff offered for solar sent to the electricity network depends on location and situation, and is best discussed in-person with an in-home assessment. In the meantime, to learn more about metering and feed in tariffs, please visit our Solar information page.

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Solar for your home

Solar wiped out our bill

Greenforce Energy’s own bill


Free Home Solar Assessment

We find that each of our customers is different, with different needs, and for this reason we typically offer a tailored approach by in-person free home assessment.

This ensures that you get the most appropriate system for your site and situation. We can advise you on whether a smaller or larger system is the way to go.

It’s important to have qualified staff come to the house – Google maps is not enough.

To book an assessment, get things started by filling in your details on the Request a Solar Quote form below


Request a Solar Quote


Use the services below to share this information with your friends. Be a good mate and save them on electricity!

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Why Greenforce is different to the rest

Why Greenforce Energy stands out…

See these differences as a list

Greenforce Energy not only has one of Sydney’s most experienced teams, we’re home to the most passionate one。 Because solar is not just another job for us, we’re looking forward to talking solar with you。

Our dedication is second to none.大发体育 When you contact our service team, you are not talking to ex-aircon salesmen looking to ‘cash in’ on the next big thing, you are talking to people who use solar panels themselves. We’ve personally visited solar panel factories, climbed hundreds of rooftops, read over the reference books and burned the midnight oil – so that you don’t have to. We think it’s a big reason our team gets so many referrals from previous clients.

Integrity is a big theme with us too. We walk the talk in everything we do, and Greenforce has an environmental policy that leads the industry. In saying that, we are one of the few that have an environmental policy tailored to solar installation. To start with, we have committed to running our office on solar energy and certified green power from EnergyAustralia. We guarantee to recycle all solar panel and inverter cardboard waste, to use only recycled paper as part of our sustainable purchasing plan, and run our fleet on LPG & Biodiesel. And, our trucks travel carbon neutral via our offsetting program.

Reliability is essential to us. Our company insists on supplying only proven solar panels manufactured by listed companies whose 25 year power output warranties are serviced in Australia i.e. real warranties. Just like on our own systems, the inverters we specify come from the SMA, Latronics and Schneider Xantrex range. We’ve committed to deep and lasting relationships with our suppliers so that you can rely on us to deliver over the long term. We’re on a first name basis with the people that matter in our service chain.

Great panels need great, lasting support。 We choose to mount our systems with the professional, wind rated Suntop III system from Conergy, engineered to last – so they carry a 10 year materials warranty。 See more on our solar racking system, Conergy Suntop III。

As part of our commitment to excellence, and fulfilling the requirements of being a BP certified installer, we offer an industry leading workmanship warranty of 7 years on our installation work, complementing our best-in-class manufacturers’ warranties。 We’re confident in our designs, because we’ve checked it and done it。 And done it。 And done it…

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Energy Assessments

With energy bills on the rise, and an array of new appliances entering our lives, considerable savings in energy costs and environmental impact can be made, simply by better understanding how power is used in homes and businesses. The best way to get on top of all things energy is to book an in-home energy assessment

Greenforce Energy provides a personalised assessment service that features a home visit by dedicated assessors, together with a report that can inform your future energy use decision making.

Our company has conducted assessments across the Sydney & Illawarra regions, and has specialist knowledge in the areas of lighting retrofits and pool energy consumption. Our assessors have actively participated in professional development regarding the latest energy efficiency topics in Australia, Germany and Finland.

Do you find :

  • power bill is rising in value and kilowatt hours for no apparent reason ?
  • power bill calculation and reconciliation is difficult or near impossible ?
  • your family is unsure about what solutions are available to cut energy use?
  • new appliances or products, such as SPAs and televisions have been installed at your home, but no information has been provided regarding power consumption ?

… then you need an energy assessment from Greenforce Energy!

Technicians from Greenforce Energy have Australian manufactured and globally sourced equipment that enables us to measure the power consumption of devices in the homes, as well as provide guidance on the consumption of hard to get at nasties like halogen downlights。

大发体育We look forward to sharing our solutions with you in our professional assessment, so why not call and book an assessment today?

For information on Energy Efficiency for homes, please visit our ‘Knowledge Base大发体育‘ – we call it our Learn page.

Looking for solar system inspection information ? We provide site assessments for planned solar power systems, and structured 大发体育solar system assessment for existing systems. Simply call us, or fill in the quote form at the right of the page.

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